About Us

Creative Angels Pre-school/Kindergarten is mission to provide a safe nurturing, culturally sensitive, developmentally appropriate environment for children ages 18month old -6years old.  The pre-school focuses on each child’s intellectual, social and personal development while striving to create an atmosphere that fosters self esteem and a healthy respect for individuality, cultural diversity among others.  Art/ Music/ Dance from other from other countries, are incorporated in to curriculum to introduce the children diversity.  The Pre-school dedicated to develop it’s own special educational program to the age appropriate, which is called “School Readiness” Our designed  “School Readiness” program is a similar to a “Montessori Program”.

The program will help each child to grow intellectually personally emotionally, socially.

The designed program and teaching method will help children to learn English and Armenian alphabet, math (adding and subtracting (1-100), practicing to thing logically and express socially.

The program will seek to assist children in developing first grade readiness skills to become life long learners.

The program will also support parents as of being the primary educator for their children.